Queen of the Month May 2018 – Coco Bardot

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What term do you identify your art as and why? (ex. faux queen, drag queen, femme, etc.)

Bio Queen, Lady Queen

Tell me a little about your drag herstory. How long have you been dragging and what’s your drag style?

I have been in this gig for 5+ years now. I started in Colorado Springs, CO to some praise but a lot of resistance. Lady Queens were still called Faux and I was initially told to King it up. I lived in Albuquerque, NM for a year. I was mentored by many established performers who helped me out on my next move to Phoenix. A lot of my style comes from the those who have inspired me. I would consider my performing style and looks to Rachel Berry meets Queen Latifah, mid-90s. I always keep my performances buzzing with a dash of Black Girl Magic.

What was your inspiration behind your #blackhistorymonth #odetoblackgirlmagic drag tribute? Why was this important for you to do?

I see dozens of these online opinion posts that include the best of the best in Drag. I live for them, especially the ones featuring other Lady Queens. I am always an advocate for props being given to this particular type of art. But do you know how normalized it is to see less than a couple people of color featured in these posts? It’s even more rare to see Black women of color featured. I’m always faced with the response to when I bring this up, as ‘Ok, work to get on those lists… ‘. So I’m putting in the work. My #odetoblackgirlmagic is dedicated to the women who have often felt second tier in their careers, art, and in their lives. I want to showcase not only myself in an expressive way but give shine to the influencers that reach all realms of #blackgirlmagic. These artists have helped shape me and continue to inspire.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to newbie female drag queens AND to the seasoned ones?

Learn to blend!!! No, seriously! I want each and every new Diva to know that before you step into Drag, you need to have a good handle on the mechanics of it. Yes, we all know there are no (real) rules to Drag, but there are some how-to’s to make performing as fun as it can be. Reach out to your next to Drag kin. I still ask my fellow performers for help sometimes. Support your local Queens! To seasoned Lady Queens, keep inspiring girls like me. I still fangirl over a sickening Lady Queen just like the rest of the world. I just want you all to be more aware of your privileges and how your silence on certain issues is more deafening than you can think. We’re people doing what we love. Let’s keep it fun!

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