Queen of the Month June 2018: Jessica J’Adore

What term do you identify your art as and why? (ex. faux queen, drag queen, femme, etc.)

I prefer Drag Queen, but also have been known to use Lady Queen, Bio Queen or even Femme Queen when I am forced to split hairs.

Tell me a little about your drag herstory. How long have you been dragging and what’s your drag style?

I have been in drag my whole life (I won a talent contest with my lip sync skills in first grade), but started actually pursuing the stage on my own in 2003. My first appearance was as a Queen. After that performance, I tried live singing with not much makeup or costuming and also for a few months tried king drag. King drag was only attempted because no one supported my journey to be the queen I wanted to be. I finally dove head first into queen drag in 2008 after meeting my Drag Mother, Raven Divine Cassadine. She really pushed me to be the best entertainer I could possibly be. Over the next decade, I used the time to grow, meet other female drag queens, and evolve into who I am today. I was blessed to be approached in 2016 by the Renaissance Pageantry family and was named Miss Renaissance Plus Femme Emeritus. The title has gone on to the beautiful and extremely talented Khamillion Adonis Dickerson. She will be welcoming a new member to our legacy July 8, 2018 in Atlanta, GA! A quick description of my style is quirky pin-up meets dance moms and honey boo boo with just a splash of cotillion and a sprinkle of awkward.

What was your inspiration behind the creation of your blog, Whatadrag.life? What do you envision it becoming?

The inspiration behind Whatadrag.life was visibility for local drag scenes. I love seeing entertainers find their passion, pursue their passion, and become the best performer they can be. Whatadrag.life was created with the intent to showcase talent of all levels from all over the world. One of my favorite goals for whatadrag.life is to put together a continuously updated list of open stages. This would mean that if you were to move or travel you could find out where to see or participate in the local drag scene! The ultimate goal is to connect local performers, venues, fans, show directors, and promoters to each other.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to newbie female drag queens AND to the seasoned ones?

USE YOUR RESOURCES!!!! lol If another entertainer wants to help you LET THEM! If you see another entertainer that you admire and want to learn from TELL THEM! Never be afraid to reach out in this community. We were all newbies once, and everyone can use a helping hand now and then no matter how seasoned they are.

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Jessica is also an admin in our private facebook group and on this site!

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